1. Property and object
1. Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village is run by the company Spiaggiadoro S.r.l., whose operative headquarter is located in Capo Ferrato, Muravera (CA), on the Strada Provinciale 97 Km.6, VAT no. 01915820920.
2. Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village offers to its guests a camping service and village as established by the Regional Law, Sardinia 14th May 1984, n.22 and subsequent modifications.

TITLE II – Procedures
HEADLINE I – Supply of services
Section I. Subjects admitted
2. Admissions
1. The camping service is offered to groups from 2 persons up to a maximum of 7 people.
2. The Management may decide to host bigger groups.
3. Guests
1. Customers can invite their guests at Tiliguerta.
2. Guests can only enter the structure during Reception opening times, after having paid what is due.
3. Under 18-year-old guests are not admitted if not accompanied by adults, who must strictly supervise their behaviour throughout their stay inside the structure, and are responsible according to the law toward Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village and its guests.

Section II. Booking and limits for staying
4. Booking restrictions
1. Holiday booking, apart from some special offers described on our website and during the low season, is not allowed for a stay shorter than 7 nights.
2. The stay starts from Monday to Sunday as far as accommodations and pitches are concerned.
3. With any type of empty equipment (caravan, tent, camper) along with the cost of it, a minimum stay of 2 people will be charged. The payment must be made before the arrival or when checking in.
5.  Payment for deposit and balance of the stay at Tiliguerta
1. 50% of the total price of the stay must be paid within 48 hours as deposit to confirm bookings.
2. The balance for the stay at Tiliguerta must be received by Spiaggiadoro S.r.l. at least 15 days before the arrival.
3.  The whole balance must be paid upon reservation for bookings made 15 days before arrival. Failure to do so will result in the booking being cancelled. The payment of the total amount must always be settled before arrival. For walk- in guests the balance must be settled during the check-in process.
6. Right of withdrawal
1. Guests can give up their booking at any time, sending a written cancellation notice to Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village.
2. When a booking is cancelled, Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village gives back the deposit given in advance for the booking confirmation, according to these rules:
a) 70% of the whole amount if the cancellation is made between the booking date and the 60th day prior to the beginning of the stay; b) 50% of the total amount if the cancellation is made between the 59th and the 30th day prior to the beginning of the stay;
c) no refund at all if the cancellation is made after the 30th day prior to the beginning of the stay.
7. Duration of stay
1. Bookings are binding. Full payment is to be made on arrival, during check-in even if the guest gives up a part of the stay itself.
2. In case of early departure, guests must pay for the entire balance of the stay.
8. Assignation of booking to a third party
1. Bookings are personal and they cannot be assigned to third parties for any reason.
9. Modifications
1. Every year, within the first day of March, Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village can decide to vary the prices of its services according to the so-called 100% ISTAT variation for workers and employees families, with reference to the previous year,  according to the levy and to economic factors weighing on business costs.
2. The price of services will be subject to an adjustment even when bookings are made before the update.

HEAD II- Check-in
10. Arrival and registration
1. Guests check-in and registration process at Reception are allowed only at the times shown on the schedule on the Camping Entrance.
2. During registration, guests have to communicate their personal details; in case of subsequent changes concerning  the arrival of further guests, they must be all registered and Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village must always be informed, since Direction needs to ask for ID cards or Passports upon arrival.
11. Time delays
1. On matter of late arrivals, guests must pay the entire balance of the stay even when not all days have been completely enjoyed. Guests are asked to inform Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village of any possible delay within 12 pm of the day after the expected arrival one. Should the guest not arrive to the campsite without any prior notice, the accommodation will be considered again available to Tiliguerta.
12. Delivery of the keys
1. Keys of accommodations are given to guests until 5 pm on the day of arrival. In case of late arrival, guests must inform the Reception by telephone or e-mail, during opening times.
13. Pitch assignation (“Camping” guests)
1. Guests must occupy the pitch assigned by Direction or wait for somebody to show them the designated pitch.
2. Moving to another pitch, different from the one previously assigned, is forbidden. It is only allowed when if authorized by Direction, undergoing a new registration process.
3. Every pitch is marked with a number on a brick.

HEAD III- Check-out
14. Departure
1. Guests are asked to leave the Camping on the last day of the stay according to this timetable:
-within 12 am for campers, caravan or tent;
– within 10 am for guests staying in bungalows or mobile homes;
15. Payments
1. Every kind of payment, amount due for the stay or other services are to be made during Reception opening times.
2. The payment of the balance must be made when checking-in, while the payment of extra services can be made within the day before the departure.
3. When leaving, guests are required to show the payment receipt  to our staff.
16. Deposit
1. During registration, guests staying in Mobile Homes and bungalows are asked to leave at Reception the amount of 300,00 € as deposit which will be given back when checking-out. The staff of Tiliguerta will make sure that nothing has been damaged during the stay.
2. Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village has the right to ask for a bigger amount of money in compensation of any damage

TITLE III- Behavior rules for customers and their guests
HEAD I-Prohibitions
17. Respect for greenery
1.It is strictly forbidden to cause any sort of damage to the green areas inside Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village and to hang hammocks or clothes lines between trees if not previously authorized by Direction.
18. Fire Lightning
1. It is strictly forbidden to light fires anywhere and in any way all over the Camping.
2. The local authorities might apply stricter punishments according to Law in matter of protection and conservation of Cultural Heritage.
3. Use of barbecue inside the premises is authorized only with a moderate wind, which must not overcome a bigger intensity than number 3 of Beaufort wind scale (wind speed between 5,5 and 8 m/s) and  it is important to respect  the instruction for use shown on the signpost placed next to every barbecue point.
4. The use of camp stoves in the pitches is authorized at a distance of 1 meter from the surrounding greenery.
5. Lighting barbecues is forbidden in the “buffer strip”, in the area included between the sand and pitches, apart from those areas already equipped for barbecuing as pointed out on the appropriate signs.
19. Garbage Disposal
1. The disposal of garbage outside the appropriate points indicated on the appropriate signposts, respecting the rules in force in matter of garbage disposal itself. Check the Internal Rules for further and more precise information on the disposal.
2. The sewage disposal of any kind is forbidden outside of the appropriate points inside the Camping and indicated on the signposts (compulsory procedure for the unloading of sewage of caravans and campers) and outside the public toilets.
20. Use of wires and electric equipment
1. The placement of wires or other electric tools along the walking paths inside the Camping  is severely forbidden as well as leaning them against the surrounding greenery.
2. The staff of Tiliguerta is authorized to unplug any sort of electric device placed in an inappropriate way, violating the previous comma. The same authorization is valid for other electric connections which are not
in compliance with the Norm in force.
3. Positioning antennas or satellite dishes on the ground or on trees is forbidden as well as other radio/television signal reception devices.
21. Use of sound diffusion devices
1. All over the day, the use of musical instruments or any other sound diffusion device is forbidden at loud volumes, such as TV, radios. The ban is absolute during the so-called “hours of silence”.
22. Respect toward other people’s rest and behavior rules
1. It is severely forbidden to create situations where an inappropriate behavior causes the breach of peace in the Camping and near the sandy shore.
2. During the hours of silence indicated on the signpost inside the Camping and on General Regulations of the Stay setting up tents or other camping equipment is forbidden as long as speaking loudly or using mechanical means. Use of children’s playground is allowed. The management can derogate the entertainment activities.
3. It is also forbidden to stay naked or topless inside the Camping. Children cannot be naked in restaurants, bar and shops.
23. Pets
1. Pets are welcome as long as owners have previously signed the Regulation for dogs and after handed prove/certificate of vaccination.
24. Changes to pitches
Modifying the assigned pitch shape is forbidden if it is not due to extreme bad weather conditions that can cause damages to things or hurt people; in this case, guests are immediately asked to bring the situation back to the former state as soon as the risk I over, at their expenses.
25. Children’s playground
1. Youngsters over 11 are not allowed to play in children’s playground.
2. The access to the park is only allowed to children accompanied by adults who are strictly responsible for them, according to Law toward Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village and  third parties.

HEAD II-Access, means of transport inside Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village
26. Cars
1. The use of cars is authorized only for loading and unloading procedures (upon arrival and before departures) of tents, camping equipment and luggage. The frequent use of cars to unload shopping bags or similar is severely forbidden.
2. Loading and unloading procedures must take no more than 2 hours, except with an expressed and written authorization by Direction.
27. Camper
1. Only campers with a proper certification by Authorities are allowed to enter the camping, to book a stay at Tiliguerta. Management can decide to ask guests to exhibit these documents.
2. The exit of campers from the camping is allowed within 12.45 a.m. and they must return by 22.30 p.m. of the same day. By the way, as underlined in the General Rules of the camping, circulation of cars or other means of transport is forbidden between 13.00 and 15.00 ( 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.) and from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m.
28. Limitations
1. Access by motorbikes of any capacity is not allowed unless they are pushed by hands or by electric traction means, driven by Tiliguerta’s staff.
2. Access of bikes is forbidden inside children’s playground and inside the Olive Square (Piazzetta degli Ulivi).
29. Circulation
1. Circulation of means of transports is only allowed at a speed of 4 km/h.
2. Tiliguerta’s staff can decide to take a bicycle away from its under 18 owner , whenever it has been ridden at a speed higher than 4 km/h, being a risk for third parties and given to the adult responsible for them. Over 18 people will be warned with a written report; in case the event is proposed again, the use of bikes will be absolutely forbidden inside the premises.
30. Parking areas
1. The Camping is provided with parking areas.
2. It is forbidden to obstruct the escape hatches with any means. In this case, the staff is authorized to tow them away. If the fact would happen one more time, the removal will be paid by the trespasser and the means of transport will be given back at the end of the stay.
HEAD III- Emergency management
31. Emergencies
1.In case of serious of health emergencies, natural calamities, dangerous situations for the public safety such as blaze, dangers at sea or other damaging events, guests must contact the staff of Tiliguerta immediately or call the emergencies numbers indicated on the signpost near the Reception point.
TITLE IV-Responsibilities
32. Guests and customers Responsibilities
1. Customers and their guests are personally responsible toward Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village or third parties for any kind of damage caused to people and things, direct or indirect ones, due to wrong behaviors violating the rules of the stay contract previously signed.
33. Dissolution
1. Violating what signed on the contract immediately after a written rebuke causes the sudden dissolution of the contract itself: customers and their guests must leave the premises within 2 hours after receiving the rebuke and pay the entire amount of the stay booked, including amounts due for people under 18.Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village has also the right to keep the deposit and to be refunded for bigger damages.
TITLE V-Final disposals
34. Variations
1. Every change to the  supply of services the camping offers will be indicated on the signpost at the entrance of the premises.
2. Possible changes reserved to a single guest will be communicated to whom it may concern with a written advice. The relative document must be exhibited when requested by the staff. Every dispensation is individual and it is not an equivalent right for third parties.
1. The present contract is subjected to the Italian law and for every pertinent  explanation to what previously written or what missing, guests can refer to the norm and to uses and customs.
36. Contract assignment
1. The present contract, rights and obligation will be automatically transferred, without any need of giving consent to the guest, in case of fusions, incorporation, company assignment of Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village.
2. The customer cannot cede the present contract to a third party.
37. Clause of termination
1. Possible tolerance by Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village, referred to bad behaviors of its customers and their guests, violating what is explained in the present contract , are not to be considered as renounce of the relative rights it is entitle to.
2. In case of any contract clause would result not to be in compliance with binding law disposals, the clause itself will be ineffective, without any sort of prejudice for the validity of the remaining clauses.
3. The present contract constitutes the integral manifestation of all the agreements between the parties and completes the discipline of their rights and obligations for what concerns the object of the agreement itself. It might be considered as nullified and deprived by any possible precedent and different written or verbal agreement or among the parties or among third parties for what concerns the present contract.
38. The following articles have been expressly approved:
I declare that I have read the content and conditions above and I fully accept them.