Goodbye, till next season!

Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village greets the 2019 season
Bookings for the 2020 season starting from next November, 1st


The 2019 summer season is over with a sea of emotions, experiences and initiatives that are added
to the “memory castle”, not a sand one, of the Tiliguerta Glamping & Camping Village.


By this letter I want to thank you all, who made possible to live these experiences and emotions:
thank you all for understanding the difficulties that our Glamping is facing and, despite the
situation, you chose our resort to spend your summer vacation with your family, with your beloved dog, with friends, or even alone, supporting us throughout the season.


A special gratitude is for those who had their holiday canceled. For them our Accounting Dept. proceeded and, in some cases, it’s still proceeding, to give back the total refunds. Some of you understandably reacted very badly and I’m deeply sorry for this. Many others understood the situation we are living, and they’ve supported us, giving us the strength to move on.


I want to thank my staff, made of professional and wonderful people. Despite the difficulties, they have always been able to work with a smile and without them many realized initiatives could have never succeeded. The key points of their work are the respect for the environment, the love to our island, the dedication to their work and the attention to our guests.


I appeal to the institutions to ask them for a greater attention, not only to our resort, but also to what
it represents: an important stakeholder in the tourism sector, basic for our Island, but which
seems increasingly a secondary issue in the Regional “political agenda”.


We don’t give up, me first! The 2020 new season will start from November 1st at 9:00 am. Part of our pitches, mobile homes like Tili Charme and Tili Suite are not available yet, but the Comfort and Super Comfort pitches and a part of the standard ones, plus the Superior and Deluxe bungalows and the Comfort mobile homes are. Our guests will be immediately informed by us through our channels as soon as all our accommodations will be available again. We have many beautiful news for the 2020 season, which will be revealed to you step by step.


We need all of you because all we have done is not in vain: without our guests, staff and institutions we can’t go on!


Thank You.

Laura Deiana



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