Catering is one of Tiliguerta’s strengths. We use simple locally-grown ingredients with zero mileage allowing guests to experience the local authentic flavours. Our chefs prepare both traditional Sardinian and international dishes to cater for every palate.

The menu also includes a selection of dishes for coeliac, vegetarian and vegan. Authentic pizzas are prepared exclusively from certified organic flour and natural yeast. It is possible to order a tourist or à la carte menu, but also typical Sardinian dinners with meat or fish dishes. We take care of child nutrition in order to make it tasty and healthy: for example, hamburgers are prepared with Chianina meat, and chips are not fried, they are baked in the oven!

Packed lunches are available for those who are going on day trips to the sea or inland. For those who prefer to forget about cooking while on holiday, but would like to stay in their own accommodation, can request catering service with home delivery, or ask our booking staff for information on half board or full board restaurant service upon booking.