Ours is a passion to which we devote skills, experiences and professionalism.

During your vacation, sometimes you feel the need to spend time by yourself and you may not always be 100% available for your mascot. Also, it may happen that you want to explore the territory around Tiliguerta and we know that access to most beaches is forbidden to dogs. In these cases, we take care of your animal during your absence through a Dog Sitting service so that you can still enjoy the holidays, whatever you decide to do.


And if your dog barks a bit too often? Or pulls a leash like a maddog? Or simply do not follow what you say to him? No problem. Through a few lessons of cynophilist education, any dog, whether it is an adult or with previous traumas, can change its attitudes, respecting its “being dog”.


How do we work? Link and Respect are the pillars on which we base our work with dogs and their owners. We conceive the dog as an emotional being and we try to understand its specific needs and to respect them to satisfy them in the best possible way, with alternative solutions to any site, context or relationship limitations.


We are aware that every “dog-family” case is unique and that’s why we do not usually generalize in the treatments, but analyze the environment and the development of each dog in order to achieve a harmonious coexistence.

In this work, always shared with the owners, we invite you to break the hierarchical patterns of obedience by submission, to rediscover the value of dogs as true companions of life.




Up to 4 hours €12 for the 1st dog

Up to 4 hours €10 for the 2nd dog that belongs to the same owner of the 1st

From 5 up to 8 hours €10 for the 1st dog

From 5 up to 8 hours €8 for the 2nd dog



Availability on demand, upon notice of at least 48 hours