FAQ covid-19

Destination … Tiliguerta, in Sardinia.


Here is the safe holiday!


We wish to inform our guests about the main procedures adopted so that you can relax and enjoy yourselves  in total safety:




1) Arrival from other regions and from other countries



One or two days before departure, simply register at this link https://sus.regione.sardegna.it/sus/covid19/regimbarco/init and undergo temperature control before boarding.




2) Check-in and Check-out



To cut the waiting time at check-in, we suggest that you pay the balance BEFORE arrival, by sending us a copy of the transfer or using your credit card. The Reception is your point of reference for information, reservations and purchase of extra services during your holiday. Here are the rules to follow:


 – Only one person per group or family unit can access, who must carry the documents of all the members for registration.

– Before accessing the Reception and then checking in, a staff member  will measure the temperature using a laser thermometer, to assess access eligibility.

– You enter the Reception wearing a face mask and a maximum of 2 people at a time are allowed, but only if one of the two workstations at the counter is available and after an invitation from an employee to access.

– Inside the reception, it is mandatory to keep the distance from the counter indicated on the floor and approach only to make payments and for the delivery and collection of documents.

– Identification bracelets to be worn on the wrist continue to be mandatory for your safety.




3) Pool area



Our swimming pools are open to all our internal guests, equipped with an identification bracelet, and have  regulations displayed at the entrance.

In addition to the “standard” rules, the anti-Covid rules provide:


– The soapy shower is a must when entering the swimming pool area.

– The use of a swimming cap is mandatory when entering the water, both for adults and children.

– The spaces required by law must be respected inside the tanks and the lifeguard is entitled to limit the number of bathers.

– Children under 3 years of age should always wear a containment diaper.




4) Amphitheater



You can watch the shows, respecting the safety distance of at least one meter while sitting, with the exception of the relatives.




5) Animation and Miniclub



Following the anti-Covid directives, the service is limited in number because each employee can take care of up to 7 children at a time; therefore, parents who wish to use the service must call tel. 070 991437 and book the day before.




6) Market



A maximum of 5 people can enter at a time, respecting the safety distance of at least one meter and wearing the mask rigorously.




7) Bar



A maximum of 2 people can enter at the time. The service will take place mainly at the tables of the bar and around the outdoor swimming pools.




8) Restaurant / Pizzeria


A maximum of 3 people at the time are allowed access with a mask  and only to place orders, take away / delivery services and payments. The rest of the service is done at the table. The half board service with international breakfast and dinner (or lunch) is 6 courses à la carte and is served at the table.




9) Care and hygiene of common areas, equipment, toilets and accommodations



We only use medical surgical devices to sanitize and sanitize. The common toilets are constantly cleaned from 6AM to 10PM by means of medical surgical devices and a washer with hot water pressure at 100°.


The accommodations are cleaned with medical-surgical aids and, before delivery, the rooms are sanitized through a nebulizer with antibacterial. Sheets and towels are delivered sanitized with the elimination of microbial loads. A list of the sanitizing and hygienising products used by Tiliguerta is available on request.