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To all of us,


we are living hard and sad times. We’ve to face a reality that is difficult to imagine which, just over
a month, has changed the life of all of us. Realities that have had a profound impact, not only on
our private dimensions, but also on the entire social and economic structure of our Country.


We’ve been hit as community and as a Nation and as such we’ll have to stand up. It is for this
reason that I believe to maintain contact with all of you, even if virtually, also to face together the
events and the effects of this invisible enemy.


Whenever it’ll be possible and always in compliance with the provisions of the national
Government and the ones of Sardinia Region, I’ll update you about our future choices for the 2020
summer season. We have no solutions, nor a magic formula to delete this period but an open
communication and the transparency are our best qualities. Both are fundamental to stay rational
and at least to reassure you that you have “docked” in a safe port.


Following the Prime Ministerial Decree of 8 March and in compliance with the principles of safety
at work, we have moved all our activities into smart working. On Monday and Wednesday, from 9
to 13:00, we are online to answer your requests, your doubts and questions. The contact person
is: Giulia, tel. 070 991437 and cell. 338 2499814, booking@tiliguerta.com.


To everyone who booked in the first part of the season, it means until early June, we cannot hide
that changes will be necessary. But, in order to avoid confusion, we await the next indications by
the national Government on April 3rd. Any changes will be communicated to you in time and any
of your requests will find our prompt reply.


Trusting in your understanding, I consider appropriate together with you to remain confident, until
the end of the quarantine, of a recovery to normality that will make you want to travel and enjoy
the beauty of our splendid island.




Laura Deiana


CEO Spiaggiadoro


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