Slow tourism at Tiliguerta

What’s better than spending your vacation at a slow pace and in full respect of the environment?


This is the key to enjoy the new type of “Slow” holiday that Tiliguerta offers its guests.


 Slow intended as the Latin term “otium“, meaning fullness of life.


Far from the chaos of the city or from the crowds of the crazy high season, those travelers who choose to embrace the slow tourism philosophy seek in a trip a life experience, a 360° wellness, literally meaning “well being”.


What are then the characteristics of a slow holiday? At Tiliguerta we summarized them in 10 simple tips:

  1. Relax, relax, relax: it is the imperative of this holiday.
  2. Forget the clock: let the natural flow of the day guide your actions.
  3. Seek contact with nature, admire your surroundings with new eyes.
  4. Keep the attitude of those who are ready to listen, to listen to your own pace.
  5. Search the “quality” instead of “quantity”: no matter how much you do, but how you do it.
  6. Get closer to the mores and customs of the place, meet the population of your travel destination.
  7. Use your bike, take a walk, ride a horse … Embrace sustainable mobility.
  8. Allow yourself the luxury of being lazy, dedicate time to doing nothing.
  9. Live food as a unique experience: Research local and natural products.
  10. Be curious, ask questions, discover your surroundings.


 Tiliguerta with its natural “secret Sardinia” context perfectly preserved, combined with the culture of “good food”, mainly local, it is the ideal place to live the Slow experience and recharge the batteries of your spirit.


Do you want to take advantage of our Slow philosophy?  Visit us in May: the beach set is included in all accommodations!

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