Reformer Pilates

 Reformer Pilates is a tool able to balance posture with simplicity and in a relatively short time, acting on the globality of muscle chains. It is a stretching technique through precise respiratory methods.



 Improves flexibility, strength and muscle tone

 Improves posture and balance

 Helps having a flat belly

 Improves the fluidity of the movements

 Decreases the incidence of backache because it tends to greatly strengthen the spine stabilizing muscles

 Increases concentration and breath


 It is useful to all those suffering from various disorders and muscular and articular pains such as cervical, lumbar, pubalgia, stiffness of  hips, shoulders and hands. It helps in circulatory problems by intervening on venous and lymphatic conditions.


Pilates Matwork

 It’s an exercise program that focuses on postural muscles, that is, those muscles that help keep the body balanced and are essential to supporting the spine. The method is also indicated in the field of postural rehabilitation. In particular, Pilates exercises help acquire awareness of the spine’s alignment and of breathing by strengthening the muscles of the deep trunk, which are very important to help alleviate and prevent back pain. With this training method, not only the abdominals are reinforced but also the deepest muscular bands near the column and around the pelvis are reinforced. The key point of the method is the toning and reinforcement of the Power House, that is, all the muscles connected to the trunk: the abdomen, the buttocks, the adductors and the lumbar region. Pilates Matwork exercises should be fluid and perfectly executed, and be combined with proper breathing.


Pilates small tools

 Matwork Pilates exercises performed with the help of soft balls, balls and elastic bands that help and increase postural work.