ARIANNA BENEDETTA ARTIOLI. Yoga, Hawaiian Dance and Chanting teacher.


A major in foreign languages and literature (English and French), she has a holistic vision of the world and she is fascinated by the marvel and potential of the body, the mind and the human spirit in balance with Nature, being in external or internal. Hata Yoga teacher, she proposes a meditative style of yoga with asana to oxygenate the cells, the mantras chanting to make them vibrate and the kriya to purify in an easy and efficient way body, mind and spirit. Passionate spiritual researcher, since 2008 she studies Hula dance, Hawaiian chants and philosophy. She has studied with Krisnananda and Amana the ’Learning Love’ path and continues deepening the empathic communication, psychosomatic and Bach Flowers.

Since 2008 she has been studying Hula dance, Hawaiian chants and philosophy weekly with a Swiss teacher and annually with a Kumu, Hawaiian teacher. After taking part to a Learning Love group of 4 days in 2003, in 2011 and 2012 she attended the Learning Love training led by Krishnananda and Amana, intensive path that focuses on traumas and the inner child. She attended several sisterhood cicles led by Diane Seadancer Battung and other representatives of native teachings of Sweet Medicine of the Sun Dance in Italy and Switzerland, deepening the culture of partnership theme quoted by Marija Gimbutas and Riane Eisler.

Since 2003 she has practiced shamanic yoga with Selene Calloni for three years and attended to one year formation of Nontherapy. She attended for about two years to laboratories on personal growth and Family Constellations with Milena Rottmann and Max Bernardi in Switzerland, working on the body, traumas and the inner child. In 2008 she organized Massaggia-Ti!, the first festival of massage in Switzerland which she co-directed for five years. She proposes yoga groups and individual sessions and individual consulting meetings for psycho-physical rebalance through nutrition, yoga, breathing, techniques of purification of the body and mind coming from differentoriental and western traditions. She continues the path of personal growth through the deepening of various disciplines such as Marshall Rosenberg Non-Violent Communication and flowertherapy.

Since 2009 she collaborates with her partner Igor Ezendam for the seminars Free the Voice and Heal with the Sound, travelling for courses and festivals in Italy, Europe and Asia.


Arianna Artioli will be at Tiliguerta from July, 23rd to August, 6th.

During this time she will propose daily lessons, included in the club card, for Tiliguerta guests of:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Meditative Yoga
  • Hawaiian Dance and Chanting.

For a fee she proposes:

  • private Yoga sessions
  • consultations with Bach Flowers.

Together with Igor Olivier Enzendam and Jacopo Ceccarelli she will lead the seminar ’The Magical Child’ from July 27th to 31st.