The Team dedicated to the Well-Being, present at Tiliguerta Camping Village in Costa Rei on rotation during the period June-September, will be made of  artists (ceramics, music, dance, theater) teachers and therapists of holistic and bio-natural disciplinesdoctorsconsultants in the health and wellness department.

We are talking about qualified experts, with numerous competences and many years of experience in the field, and even more importantly, the Association La Città del Sole, who selected these figures, has chosen then under two basic qualities:empathy and openness of heart.

The Association Città del Sole promotes activities that will be presented by people in constant search and personal growth, willing to exchange and to get involved, to test everyday their knowledge and understanding, to compare it with others’, to constantly learn beside teaching and communicate.

We are talking about people that, beside having taken training courses and having outstanding curricula, have undertaken over the years a research work on their own ’sense project’, on evolution of themselves and their talents. People that still today keep going on their Joy, Wellness, Knowledge, Love path.

LIST of the complete TEAM @Tiliguerta



  • ELVIO ARANCIO – art expositions, master ceramist, Islamic symbology expert, leads seminars on needs maps – he will expose his artistic ceramics at Tiliguerta
  • ALINA DETTORI – artist, phsycologist – she will expose her artwork at Tiliguerta